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I bought our Purple Pebble Cuddle Mat for our rescue dog, who loved to chew and destroy as a puppy, ten years ago, and it continues to be her favorite place to rest. This is a high quality, washable product that has stood the test of time.

Melinda Massie, Lexington, KY


We have 4 dogs and 8+ dog pillows with covers.  Reisterstown Boarding Kennel (RBK), our kennel, uses 100’s of Purple Pebble “Cuddle Mats” and is always washing them.

RBK is the best kennel we’ve seen in 40 years of pet boarding.

If Purple Pebble works for RBK it works for us so we bought 3 from the kennel and now 2 more. The dogs prefer them, and so do we; they are so easy to clean. We lay cuddle mats on top of the dogs’ pillows.

It’s so much easier and less time intensive to toss the Cuddle Mat in the washer vs. removing the pillow cover, washing it, & putting it back on the pillow.

The Cuddle Mat did for dog bedding what Under Armour did for athletic clothing.

Robert B. Van Dyke, Lutherville MD


I just want to say thank you for making such wonderful fleece toys. I have been ordering from you for a few years and my Goldies loved to see that box arrive. No squeakers or stuffing for them to ingest and the quality is amazing. We played with these toys every day and even though my Goldens have passed on, the toys have been handed down to the next pups. I ordered more as I need backups to hand out while the first bunch is in the wash. Truly a fabulous product, I recommend these to everyone I know who lives with a dog. Thanks again!

Colleen Jansen, Horseheads, NY


I just wanted to tell you that the Cuddle Mat is all it claims to be and MORE!!!  So durable, easy to clean and dry.  Our 10-year old German Shepherd loves his so much!  We have used ours for about 5 years and it is good as new.  It is so therapeutic for "our boy" and he loves his "Fluffy".  A fabulous, quality product that exceeds expectations!!!!

Cheers to Purple Pebble!

Linda, Maryland and Maine


I just want to take this moment to let everyone know how much I love my Purple Pebble bedding for our newly adopted 16 pound doggie, “Lucy”. We bought several other mats and she just tore them up. Our Lucy now walks into her crate on her own and just sinks down into her soft cuddle mat. If Lucy could talk, she would say, “now this is heaven”.

Yes, you might spend a little more for this wonderful product, but just knowing that it’s safe without having dangerous stuffing or any type of sprayed chemicals on it, is well worth the extra dollars.

I just ordered one of the cuddle toys for Lucy. Can’t wait for her to get it!!

Heather, thanks so much for caring about our loving furry friends enough to come up with such a well thought out product.

Kathy Bernstein, Atlanta, GA


I just wanted to take a sec to say how much I love the cuddle mat dog beds and soft toys.  The dog beds are really soft and two stacked together are irresistible luxury for both my dog and cat.  I use them as dog beds in the house and crate mats in the car.  They wash beautifully.  I wash them weekly and after a more than a year, they are still soft, in shape, and show no signs of wear.  Also, for some reason I cannot fathom, my German Shepherd (German Shredder) pup has never chewed one up.  She has destroyed other dog beds, but never these.  I am about to bring home my new Border Collie pup, so I have just ordered several more of these great dog beds!

Kate Springer, Boise, ID


The dog we have now is a Great Dane mix, and like our first dog, he just loves your Cuddle Mats.  And I love the fact that he would rather lie on them than directly on the oriental rugs.  This will be five of them we have all over the house and in his crate.

We also had two kitty mats, but our two cats are both gone now.  Bodie uses one of the mats as a little pillow.  I use the other one as a meditation mat under my ankles.  It works beautifully.  I take it with me everywhere.  Thanks again for such great products.

Jonnie, Oakmont, PA


Annie absolutely loves her Purple Pebble dog mat.  She drags it from room to room for her napping pleasure.  At night it's in her crate and serves as her security blanket.  After she chewed up two other mats, we tried this as a final effort.  It is durable enough to survive her occasional chews, and I don't have stuffing all over my floor.  I just ordered two more so she can have one in each of her favorite spots.  This is a great product!

Susan Gottschalk


Purple Pebble has been a life saver! My dog tried many other mats in his kennel before we were recommended Purple Pebble. This is the only product that seems to agree with him. Other mats irritated his allergies and he would destroy them. He really enjoys laying on his Purple Pebble Cuddle Mat!

Cheryl Jackson-Colelli, Columbus, OH


My LAB Lilly loves her Purple Pebble cuddle mat.  This is my 3rd purchase, great for the car and nap time. Toss in the washing machine and it still is great! Durable !

Jean Blank, Harleysville, PA


Heather:  thank you so much.....we love these cuddle mats.....we have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's, Plimoth and Chatham, these mats go wherever we go, when the dogs (kids) are in their crates they sleep on them every night, when they are not in their crates they pull them out and take them where ever they want to.  The cuddle mats wash and wear and look new every time.  We have not had any trouble with them in the 4 years that we have owned the dogs and the mats. The cuddle mats are washed weekly and either hug out side or dried in the dryer...........nothing changes the way they look.  The only reason we are purchasing new ones is because they are 4 years old now and don't get as clean looking as before and we do so spoil our dogs.  We are going to donate the old ones to the shelter in our town, so they won't be thrown away.  Thanks so much for making this wonderful cuddle mat for our dogs, we will buy them forever or as long as you make them!!!!!  Deborah Denzel &

Ellsworth Stringer, Southbury, CT


My 2 dogs have been addicted to your incredible fleece mats for the past 7 years. Now one of them is 14 and losing his battle to live. I cannot thank you enough for the mats.  They offer so much comfort to my 14 yr. old. They buffer his arthritic bones so much better than regular beds. They are easy to wash and hang dry - so sanitary. Thank you for making such a quality product.  My poor guy is so sick but at least it gives me peace of mind that I can keep him happy with his soft plush mat.

Gretchen Alexander, Mount Kisco, NY


I have 8 of your Purple Pebble beds in use every day! My dogs love them! 

Thanks again, 

Elissa, Plantation, FL