...what people are saying about Purple Pebble Ravioli toys

I have owned more than a dozen dogs over the last twenty years. I also have managed a veterinary hospital for this same period of time.  As a result, I know a bit about dog toys.  Purple Pebble dog toys are THE best toys available on the market.  They are safe, durable, snuggly, and lots of fun.  All of my dogs have loved these soft fleece toys -- they are rugged enough for chewing, tugging, and throwing.  Plus provide nice companions for snuggle time.

My most notable experience with these wondrous toys has been with my Doberman Pinscher, Tate. He won't go anywhere without his Purple Pebble Ravioli (aka, his baby).  He has worshiped these babies for years and has several of them going at all times.  He has babies in the car, in his crate, on his bed, in his toy basket, at the back door, at the front door, and in the yard.  He will not go in or out of his crate without his baby, he will not leave the house without his baby, he carries his babies with him at ALL times while at home.  He will actually carry around more than one at a time on occasion. Among his favorite activities are flinging his baby into places he cannot reach and then try to retrieve them.  The disc-shaped ravioli toy is perfect for throwing. When he is outdoors and preparing to react to a squirrel or a passer-by, he starts running and barking and then remembers ... uh oh, I need my baby.  He races to get his baby then races back to complete his guard duties with his baby in his mouth.  Needless to say, he really doesn't look too much like scary Doberman. And, finally, he suckles on his baby to put himself to sleep.  It is almost like a nursing behavior.  Once he starts, he falls asleep quickly and sometimes still nurses even when he is asleep.  This use results in really wet babies, so they get frequent washing.  They are easily washed and hold up great.   Not many toys can you say that about.

Now granted, it may not be entirely normal for a dog to be so attached to his Purple Pebble Ravioli baby, but all of my dogs have loved these toys.  They are simply THE PERFECT dog toys.  They are safe, durable, fun, snuggly and are quick to become dogs' favorite.

Many thanks to everyone at Purple Pebble for providing my many dogs with lots of happy hours.

Susan Schultz, Practice Manager


"Thank you for your amazing dog toys. My 8 year old Shorkie is picky about toys, but the one toy he can't be without is his ravioli.
He brings it to us when he wants to play fetch, and then cuddles with it when he wants to nap.
It is the best dog toy we have ever had, and we recommend it to all of our friends who have dogs."
Susan Jaffe, Sunrise, FL


I just want to say thank you for making such wonderful fleece toys. I have been ordering from you for a few years and my Goldies loved to see that box arrive. No squeakers or stuffing for them to ingest and the quality is amazing. We played with these toys every day and even though my Goldens have passed on, the toys have been handed down to the next pups. I ordered more as I need backups to hand out while the first bunch is in the wash. Truly a fabulous product, I recommend these to everyone I know who lives with a dog. Thanks again!

Colleen Jansen, Horseheads, NY


I just ordered one of the cuddle toys for Lucy. Can’t wait for her to get it!!

Heather, thanks so much for caring about our loving furry friends enough to come up with such a well thought out product.

Kathy Bernstein, Atlanta, GA