LEEDZ® FAQs for Retailers

1.) What makes Purple Pebble LEEDZ® special?

This product is super strong, yet comfortable to hold.  It eliminates “leash burn” and reduces shock to the body when a dog pulls. Further there is nothing attached that can break off or malfunction.

2.) I have customers with really big, strong dogs.  Will Purple Pebble LEEDZ® be strong enough to hold them?  

Purple Pebble’s 5/8” LEEDZ have been tested to hold up to 950 lbs., so there’s no doggie too big or strong for this bad boy!

3.) Many of my customers have small to medium breed dogs.  Is there a Purple Pebble LEEDZ® leash that would be appropriate?  

Yes, the 3/8” diameter, which comes in a 6’ length with snap or 4’ with 22” collar allowance and slip end would both be appropriate for dogs up to 50 lbs,

4.) What are Purple Pebble Slip LEEDZ®?

Slip LEEDZ are a lead–collar combo designed for training a dog to heel.  They are also used in situations that demand greater control, convenience or when the dog is not wearing a standard collar.  Please instruct your customers only to use  use this product after proper instruction has been given or with the assistance of a trainer.  Slip LEEDZ must be removed from the dog’s neck immediately after use.

5.) Can Purple Pebble LEEDZ® get wet?

Yes.  LEEDZ are non-bleed and weather resistant.

6.) How should Purple Pebble LEEDZ® be cleaned?

Spot clean with a little soap and warm water.

7.) Will Purple Pebble LEEDZ always stay smooth and slick?  

No. Since LEEDZ are woven with a bit of give, they are prone to snags and a bit of fuzz, but these can be trimmed with a scissors.  We felt that it was better to make a lead that would be easy on the body and in the hand but that might need a little trimming from time to time, rather than to make a lead that was taught like a cord and tough in the hand or requiring a grip.

8.) How long will it take to get my order?

LEEDZ typically ship within 1-3 days from the date the order was placed. 

9.) What is your return policy?
Purple pebble will replace product for material or manufacturing defects ONLY.   All sales are final.

10.)  Are your products made in USA?