Easy Care Instructions:

Easy-Care Instructions:

  1. Machine Wash Separate Cycle. DO NOT use extreme heat or “sani-cycle.”
  2. Use small amount of detergent (scent-free is best.)
  3. Tumble dry low or air dry – NO HEAT IN DRYER! High Heat breaks down fiber of product.

Note 1: Bleach is not necessary as a disinfectant as material inhibits formation of bacteria. Bleach may be used but can cause discoloration.

Note 2: When Fetchacheeni  is brand new, until after the first couple of washes, a bit of fuzz may be shed. Simply comb off with your hands.

Note 3: After the first wash, Fetchacheeni texture will turn “pilly” like a true lamb’s wool. It will remain this way and hold up to washings like a champ!

We hope that your doggie enjoys his/her new Purple Pebble Fetchacheeni and that you enjoy the peace of mind knowing your baby is safe and happy!