Q & A : UV-C Plug

Q: What does UV-C stand for?

A: Ultra-Violet – C, which unlike UV-A and UV-B, is the only type of UV wavelength capable of sterilization.

Q: How effective is sanitization with UV-C Plug?

A: UV-C Plug eliminates 99.99% of all germs, bacteria and viruses

Q: How long does it take to sanitize objects?

A: 5-10 seconds

Q: How far away from object to be sanitized should UV-C Plug be held?

A: Not more than 0.75 inches between light source and target surface

Q: How long can UV-C Plug be used at one time and what is the life expectancy?

A: No longer than 10 consecutive minutes and approximately 5000 hours

Q: Is UV-C Plug safe to use on child/baby items?

A: Absolutely!  UV-C Plug is most safe to sanitize items for child/baby as no chemicals are involved

Q: Is UV-C Plug safe for children to use?

A: No. UV-C Plug must not be left unattended around children as light is harmful if shined in  eyes or  absorbed by skin.