More UV-C Box FAQs

Q: What material is UV-C Box made of?

A: ABS plastic

Q: Is ozone generated by UV-C Box?

A: No

Q: Will UV-C Box work for my phone?

A: Yes, if your phone has wireless charging

Q: How is UV-C Box used as a “wand?”

A: The lid, when plugged into an outlet or portable power source may be used to sanitize larger surfaces around the house, school or office such as furniture, toilet seats, brief cases, etc.

Q: Is there something special that has to be done to ensure safety while using UV-C Box lid as a wand?

A: A built-in sensor automatically powers off UV-C light when lid is tilted more than 40 degrees ensuring that light does not shine in eyes

Q: What is the wavelength strength of the lights on the UV-C Box?

A: UV-C Box utilizes ultraviolet wavelength of 280nm

Q: What type of objects can UV-C Box sanitize?

A: Anything that fits in the box such as cell phones, reusable masks, glasses, keys, credit cards, writing instruments, remote control, jewelry, cosmetic brushes

Q: Are UV-C rays safe?

A: Yes. There are three types of UV (Ultraviolet) light rays: UV-A, in combination with a light sensitive drug, Psoralen, is used to treat certain skin conditions; UV-B, primarily comes from the sun but may also be created by a medical lamp and used to treat skin conditions. UV-C wavelengths are the shortest and least powerful of the three types of UV; There is much more radiation generated by sunlight or an x-ray machine than by UV-C rays such as are used by UV-C Box. (Prolonged exposure to UV-C rays may be harmful to humans.)

Q: What are the various ways in which UV-C Box can be used?

A: As a box to sterilize small objects, a wand to sterilize medium to large objects and as a wireless charger

Q: How effective is UV-C Box at killing bacteria and viruses?

A: UV-C Box has seven UV-C, LED lights which eliminate 99.99% of all germs, bacteria and viruses.

Q: What is the sanitization time and percent efficacy of UV-C Box?

A: Sanitization time is 30 seconds for a single small object; however, UV-C Box turns off after 3 minutes to cover a variety of objects. Microbes are destroyed at a 99.99% rate.