More Tower Lamp FAQs

Q: Can user stay in room during disinfection?

A: No. It is not safe to be in room when the lamp is on.  There will be a 10-second delay once lamp is turned on in which to leave room. Make sure that no animals are in the room and plants are removed.

Q: How long does the room have to be closed after sanitization/disinfection?

A: 10-15 minutes.

Q: Where can O-U-C Tower Lamp be used?

A: Any enclosed space up to 600+ square feet

Q: How is O-U-C Tower Lamp operated?

A: First, plug lamp into power source. Then, push “On Button” on remote control from 3 feet away. Next, exit room within 10 seconds before O-U-C Tower Lamp activates. Select one of three “sanitization time” buttons to activate. Unit will automatically turn off after sanitization is complete.

Q: Does the remote control include batteries?

A: Yes

Q: Are O-U-C Tower Lamp rays safe for skin?

A: No

 Q: What is the power capacity and space area that the O-U-C Tower Lamp covers?

A: Power capacity is 60W, and it covers 200-600+ square feet

Q: What are the main features of O-U-C Tower Lamp?

A: Disinfection, sanitization and reduction of infection risk

Q: What is the suggested usage time for O-U-C Tower Lamp?

A: 15 minutes for up to 200+ square feet; 30 minutes for up to 400+ square feet; 45 minutes for up to 600+ square feet

Q: Can the O-U-C Tower Lamp be used for lighting?

A: No