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UV-C Robot

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UV-C Robot: Rest Easy

Floors and beds are home to many microorganisms, and in today’s world washing linens or vacuuming carpet is not enough to keep us healthy and safe.  Protect yourself and your family at home or when traveling with UV-C Robot.

Use UV-C Robot as a wand with convenient hand-strap to safely and efficiently disinfect pillows, pajamas, kids' toys, car seats or and many other objects.

Always rest easy with UV-C Robot.



  • Disinfects and safely sanitizes large surface areas such as carpets, hardwood floors, counter tops and beds
  • Utilizes automated, smart-edge technology to self-navigate
  • Recognizes edges and rotates 360 degrees
  • Sanitizes car seats as a handheld device – small, lightweight, portable
  • Eliminates 99.99% of all microbes, bacteria and viruses
  • Serves as a power pack to charge cell phones


  • Rapid sterilization occurs when UV-C light wavelengths between 270-300 nm dismantle DNA molecular structure of bacteria
  • Smart-edge technology and smart sensors allow UV-C Robot to rove and thoroughly cover large surfaces including corners without falling off edges


  1. as a roving robot

  • Connect to a power source and charge for 1.5 hours
  • Place UV-C Robot on any flat surface, i.e. bed, carpet
  • Press and hold power button for 2 seconds until two rows of LED, UV-C lights are illuminated
  • Sanitize a king size bed in 30 minutes

  2. as a wand

  • Lock the bottom with a slight turn
  • Press and hold power button for 2 seconds until two rows of LED -UV-C lights are illuminated
  • Use silicone strap to attach to hand and scan objects

  3. as a power bank

  • Connect to a power source and charge 1.5 hours
  • Plug the charging cable into the output: UV-C Robot is now ready to charge your phone

 BENEFITS, SHORT & SWEET:               

  • Cost-Efficient
  • Portable
  • Hassle-Free/Easy to use
  • Safe for humans
  • Eco-Friendly


More Questions & Answers:

 Q: What is UV-C Robot (UVCR)?

A: UVCR is a smart machine used to destroy mites, germs, bacteria and viruses. It self-navigates with smart sensors and smart-edge technology to thoroughly sanitize large surfaces. It can also be used as a wand to sanitize objects. UV-C wavelengths have a 99.99% rate of efficacy.

Q: Is UV safe?

A: There are 3 types of UV. UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-C light waves are usually shorter than the others and are not harmful to the human body during normal use. However, UV-C rays are harmful to eyes, and longterm exposure may adversely affect the skin.

Q: Where can UVCR be used?

The robot is easy to carry and may be used in cars, on carpet, couch and more...

Q: What are UVCR’s weight and dimensions?

A: UVCR is 0.77 lbs and 6.3” x 2” H.  It is lightweight and easy to carry.

Q: What is UVCR’s battery capacity?

A: The capacity of the battery is 4800 mAh. Charging time is 1.5 hours. Operating time is up to 2 hours.

Q: Won’t UVCR fall off of raised surfaces?

A: No. Smart-edge technology prevents UVCR from falling off of raised surfaces such as beds and counter tops.

Q: What is the reach of UVCR’s sanitization?

A:  UVCR has an emission reach of UV-C  set for 9.75 feet. UVCR can also rotate 360 degrees enabling it to disinfect corners. Technical Specifications: Volts - 5V      Power - 3W     Battery Capacity - 4800 mAh         Charging time - 1.5 hrs           Accurate wave length - 253.7nm    Working time - >120 min power bank